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About Us

RC Hobby Shop

Back in 1991, Jim Rose founded RC Hobby Shop with the desire to be the best hobby shop in Houston. He accomplished his lofty goal by providing the best possible service experience and support to all of his customers. By always making himself available to answer questions from everyone - from beginners to even the most advanced RC enthusiasts - Jim laid the foundation for a hobby shop that welcomed all.

Jim’s expertise and enthusiasm (customer support - especially with beginners) helped grow the store quickly, and the shop soon became a hub for more than just RC cars and planes. Plastic models, rockets, and more exciting products soon filled the shelves and had customers clamoring for more!

Four years after opening, business was booming, and it was time to move. 15-year-old Matt Keller volunteered to help move the shop to the Houston suburb of Sugar Land. A few weeks later, Jim called to offer him a job, and Matt excitedly accepted.

The two ushered in a golden age for RC Hobby Shop. With their extensive expertise and customer-focused approach, they stood out from more casual hobby chains, especially when it came to educating customers about the popular “nitro-powered” RC’s that dominated the market at the time.

In 2004, Jim retired, and Matt purchased the business that had helped him build a career that he loved. He stayed true to Jim’s vision by exploring new product lines while always continuing to provide expert knowledge and exceptional customer service.

His hard work paid off, and soon RC Hobby Shop was the premier hobby shop in the Greater Houston area!

In 2011, Matt purchased 2 acres of land and built a custom, 10,000 sq/ft building on it. He built a mecca for RC enthusiasts, complete with a vast selection of inventory (over 25,000 products!) and two off-road dirt tracks for customers to enjoy for free. Matt accepted an invite to a roundtable discussion hosted by Horizon Hobby in 2007 along with Hobbytown and the other top 10 retailers in the country. The plan was to discuss the current state of the industry and explore new Horizon Hobby dealer programs for retailers, helping them to serve consumers better.

The discussion included a range of topics from new products, brands, marketing, returns service, warehouse/shipping, new competing brands, the global industry changes and the future of RC.

Despite RC Hobby Shop’s popularity, the rise of e-commerce, the Chinese direct-to-consumer market explosion, and the 4.5-mile detour that was created by the city’s two-year road construction on the main access road to the store, quickly made the brick-and-mortar store unsustainable.

In 2015, the decision was made to sell the retail store, and instead take Matt’s passion, expertise, and unique personal touch online.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Matt and his team of RC experts dedicate their time to building an online hobby shop unlike any other by providing exceptional support to all their customers.

Far from the impersonal experience other RC stores provide online, RC Hobby Shop offers the same high-quality products and extensive knowledge base that made past customers fans for life.

Join us in making RC Hobby Shop your favorite place for all things RC!

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have at

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